Helping A Child’s Bedroom Stand Out


To the child, a child’s bedroom is much more than a child’s bedroom. It is a place of safety, a place of comfort, a place of imagination. It’s likely where they house all their drawings, all their toys, and their most introspective moments. No matter how comforting or wonderful your house is, without a child’s bedroom properly cared for, it is not complete. Your child’s bedroom is also one of the most fun home spaces to develop, because you can let your imagination run wild. While you may want to paint a nine foot dragon across your kitchen during your most creative moments, it may raise a few eyebrows. However, even a dragon double in length will not raise any eyebrows when painted careful in the bedroom of your child.

Helping a child’s bedroom stand out is a wonderful thing to take care of. They will become excited. You will become excited. They will form memories in this place of wonder, joy and contentment. But how can you help it stand out in the first place? Is there a formula, or must you just apply your most zany imagination and hope something sticks creatively? Well, there are a few methods you can take. Consider:


Alternating what items you decorate this room with can be quite a fun thing to consider. For example, why opt for a waist-high shelving unit when a special crafted shelving boat design may be stood on its bottom, with oars and everything? You may decide to opt for more formal yet beautiful designs in a bedroom, to help it stand above the ‘messy conglomeration’ that many of us had as children. For example, if they find a poster they like, finding beautiful poster frames can help a small shoddily-stuck piece of wall art into a feature, something with much more staying power than what might have been previously. Alternating your choices in the best way, taking creativity, organization and quality as your priorities can help you design a bedroom with real beauty.


We all know that children like to collect. It might be a whole family of dolls, or perhaps entire lego sets that strike true fear into you whenever walking barefoot into their bedroom. Adequate storage can ensure a child’s bedroom can stand out, provided you ensure your child is disciplined and responsible enough to tidy well. You can even make storage fun. Fun units, hanging baskets and perhaps even crafting storage ‘areas’ – such as a play zone in the corner where all the lego castles can reside, can help you keep the chaos of a children’s bedroom well organized – teaching them valuable lessons in caring for their space.

Wall Art

We’re coming back to the dragon now. Girl or boy, your child deserves to feel some sense of imagination each morning. A theme can work. Using stencils to apply stars, mermaids, a nautical theme, or whatever works best for your family can ensure the child looks up every morning with wonder and pride.

With these tips, helping a child’s bedroom stand out is sure to be child’s play.

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