Habits that seem sexy to you at age 20, but you have to avoid them at 30!

Hangovers do not bring you anything good

On the list of habits that seem sexy to you at age 20, but there are some evidence of immaturity, there are also hangover. Maybe there were moments when you went out in town and you were having fun until late hours, and the next day you were hangover, and that was the perfect excuse to get you off work. Although these things were fun at the time, it’s good not to have these habits up to 30 years.


Perhaps you had moments when you were agitated, you wanted to impose yourself in front of some people, which did you, you had an inappropriate attitude, or you behaved like no one can do you harm. All these appearances seem appealing to you at 20, make you feel independent and strong, but you have to give up once you get older.

Lack of self-confidence does not make you attractive

Missing self-confidence at the age of 20 is something normal, but this does not have to be constant. As you get older, it is essential to act more confidently in your own forces and to give up all those habits that affect your self-esteem and do not help you achieve your goals.

Being constantly worried does not help to bring harmony to your life

Perhaps at the age of 20 you thought it was normal to constantly worry and complain that your life is chaos, but this habit is no longer recommended at 30 years. A mature woman is not at all attractive when she is not safe on her.

Here is a list of things that will always be sexy, regardless of age:

  1. Top crops blouses.
  2. Tattoos.
  3. Passionate relationships.
  4. The moments in which you dance as if no one is watching you.
  5. Torn Blues.
  6. Confident and appealing attitude.
  7. Healthy lifestyle .
  8. Being active on social media.
  9. Chats with your best friend.
  10. Traveling to discover new places.

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