Great Hair Care Tips For Everyday Use

It is very important to feel confident in your skin, and so grooming is given so much importanceIf you feel you appear good and presentable, then ultimately that confidence will reflect in your attitude. Your hair has a huge role to play in setting your appearance right. And so I have come up with an article that will help you in making your hair look more luscious and strong. Here are some hair care tips from my side for all you guys. 


This is the very basic thing you should look after. Look for a shampoo that goes with your hair type. There are different kinds of shampoos available in the market for dry hair, oily or combination. 

Wash your hair every alternate day. Rinse shampoo within 30 minutes of applying it, or else it will make your hair look hair. While washing, make a small circular motion with your fingers to massage your scalp and increase blood flow. Always follow conditioner after you shampoo. 

Never use hot water for washing hair. Use lukewarm water for your first rinse, use your shampoo, and cold water for the last rinse. Hot water tends to get rid of all the natural oil present in your hair. 

If your hair is dry, then a hot oil massage just 30 minutes before washing your hair will work wonder. 

Brushing And Using Tools 

Brush your hair once every morning. This helps in distributing the natural hair oil evenly throughout the hair giving it shiny look. Brushing in the morning also helps in keeping your hair free from tangles. 

Pamper your hair and take your time while brushing them. Don’t do it in hurry, it will cause breakage. Also, a wide-toothed comb helps better to stay away from the static and breakage. However, if you want to use a brush, then paddled brush is what you should have. But never use it on wet hair. 

Always let your hair air dry. Never use a hair dryer on half wet hair. If you are in hurry, then dry your hair with a towel by gently wrapping it in the towel. Do not rub it, as wet hair is more prone to breakage. 

Use heat-resistant sprays and hair straightening oil before you use any of the hair styling tools on your hair. 

Styling And Care 

It is important that you style your hair before leaving your home. Let it be an elaborate hairdo or something very simple, but do it every day. Be gentle while handling them and do not tug or pull unnecessarily. 

When you step out, cover your hair. Sun, pollution, wind and cold temperature can cause damage to the hair. 

While swimming, never enter the pool without a cap. As pool water is not good for your hair health. 

Do not share your hairbrush or combs with others. 

While heading to bed, brush your hair to untangle them. After that, tie hair in a loose ponytail. This helps your hair from tangling and breaking in sleep. 


You need to keep a special note of your diet for healthy, strong hair. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet with lots of minerals and vitamins. 

Including foods those are rich in vitamin B12 are best for hair. So include as much as you can vitamin B12 rich foods in your diet like fish and eggs. 

Even people facing the problem of baldness should take care of their diet. This may reduce the hair fall problem. 

Hair Treatments 

It is important that you take proper care of your hair. Get regular oil massages or spas for promoting healthy growth of your hair. 

Hair cutting and regular trimming are also necessary for your hair to look in a manageable condition. If you don’t get your hair trimmed on a frequent basis i.e. after 8 to 12 weeks, then there is a high possibility of you developing split ends, which may make your hair look frizzy and dull. 

If you are someone who loves trendy strips and trying new colors on your hair, then make sure that you don’t use any of the bleach-based product. You should opt for well-branded products that are safe to use. Using products that are formaldehyde free are best for your hair. Do not shampoo for at least 48 hours from the timing of colouring, as that may cause color not set in properly. Also, you need to take extra care of your hair after coloring, as that may cause your hair get more dry and damaged.

These are few very simple yet essential tips you need to follow for good hair. If you are going through hair fall problem even after taking complete care of your hair, then it is the right time that you visit a dermatologist. Talk to a specialist as there are many other reasons behind hair fall, hormones being one major reason. However, do not worry as there are treatments available for hair fall. If you are worried about the bald patch on your head, then even that is nothing to worry about, as nowadays hair transplant has become very common thing. Hair transplant is the best method to get your hair back, and with that your lost confidence too.

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