Great Girls Holiday Destinations

Enjoying a holiday once every year with girlfriends is a usual practice. However, it will be more exciting to have a different destination for the girls holiday year after year. This time let it not be the place which you have visited earlier. You can select your favorite cities and beaches where you can have a memorable holiday. Here is a list of ten selected destinations for your girls holiday. These 10 Girls Holiday destinations include Bali, Barcelona, Budapest, Dubai, Ibiza, Marrakech, Marbella, Miami, Santorini and The Amalfi Coast.


The Indonesian island of Bali is known for its spectacular mountains and awe-inspiring landscape. The beaches in Bali are amazing, Bali offers something special for everyone to enjoy. You can enjoy a drink in the evening at any one of the bars or restaurants that are close to the beach. Those who want to enjoy a lively party may go to Seminyak.


Barcelona is a very beautiful coastal city. Here the visitors enjoy the walk from the shopping center up to the beachfront paella restaurants. Enjoy while sipping a glass of sangria. Parc Guell and the Sagrada Familia are among the top attractions of the city. Among the many rooftop bars, the SAGARDI Bar atop the History Museum is known for its amazing view. The DJ begins early evening and it is ideal for fine dining dressed in your favorite maxi dresses. Visit Carmel del Bunkers – a wonderful picnic spot. Go there in the company of your friends and carry with you food, drink, and a blanket.


You have a lot of things to enjoy in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The city is known for its unique architecture, restaurants, and bars. Those who visit Budapest for holiday should not miss the spa party at Szechenyi Spa and Baths. If it happens to be a summer Saturday, you can enjoy the giant pool party. Another interesting activity here is to move around the ‘ruin pubs’ in the Jewish Quarter, which are vibrant drinking spots.


Apart from luxury shopping and enjoying the views from the Burj Khalifa and various other sky-crappers, the nightlife in Dubai is the best option for those who have come here to enjoy the holiday with the girls. While at Burj Khalifa, do take a drink at the atmosphere bar on the 122nd floor. Go for a day out with your girlfriend and enjoy the fun at the Aquaventure Water Park. You can also go for scuba diving and swim in the company of lovely dolphins.


Ibiza is the party capital of Balearic Islands. Here you have a lot of very nice places where you can relax under the sun. See to it that you are at Café Mambeo for the sunset and enjoy the best DJ in the world. You may go around the old town but, do not miss San Antonio.


The Moroccan city of Marrakech is indeed a lovely place to enjoy with your girlfriends. Here you can have a lot of activities. In Morocco, you will be shopping for hours along with the girls. Those who want to taste the classic Moroccan specialties like lamb dishes and tagines may come out of the busy Jemaa el-Fnaa and make their way to le Jardin restaurant. Travel by bus to the seaside city of Essaouira and visit the shops there and enjoy your lunch in a quaint side street.


In Marbella, you can hire a private boat from the port for a day. In the boat party, you can have music, take your own food and enjoy with your friends. You will also enjoy going around the historic town. Have your food in one of the open-air restaurants where street singers play local tunes.


The long, awe-inspiring beaches of Miami are the exciting locations for your forthcoming girls holiday. In summer you can enjoy the pool parties here. Check for special events at National Hotel. Enjoy shopping in the company of your girlfriends at the Bayide Marketplace. This open-air mall is situated around the marinas at Biscayne Bay and here live music is often played. The 90-minute boat ride through the Biscayne Bay is really exciting and if you want to spend a day on the beach may proceed to the Sunny Isles Beach.


The hilly landscape of Santorini Island welcomes you and your girlfriends especially when you want to chill out. The 18-wine tasting flight in the company of your girlfriends organized by Santo Winery will be a memorable experience. This is the ideal spot to watch the very famous Santorini sunset.

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast on the west coast of Italy is a great destination for girls holiday though it is not a party destination. There are many fishing villages here and each village will offer you something different. You will enjoy your trip to the Sorrento Cathedral and the amazing town of Positano. Unique Italian dishes are served at the restaurants in the main town of Amalfi. You will find the coastal trips very much exciting.

Depending on your preferences and tastes you can choose the destination for your girls holiday from the above list of ten girls holiday destinations.

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