Going on Vacation in Jamaica

Going for vacation in Jamaica is an excellent way to spend a relaxing and refreshing time with your friends or family. You should consider coming here for a special romantic get away with that one that has won your heart over. This will give you the most memorable events of an entire lifetime, and will surely make you consider returning for more.

Coming to this paradise is bargaining for a well-pampered retreat filled with lots of excitement and relaxation. The experience is exquisite from the time spent on amazing beaches, to the breathtaking awe of waterfalls, and to the tantalizing taste of the deliciously prepared Island food. So, you are set and all ready to dive into this fun right? Let’s look at some essential details of your trip.

Best Jamaican Beach Rentals

The most important factor that guarantees the level of fun you will enjoy on your vacation to Jamaica is the beach Villa or house you rent to spend your holiday. The number of people in your company and the amount of cash you have available to spend goes a long way to determine what Jamaica beach rentals to use. You should know that there is no need to convert your US dollars to the Jamaican currency because all the rental services and other facilities on this delightsome island accept payment with the United States Dollars. Here are most of the best Jamaican beach rentals you can go to:

Little Water on the Cliff

This is an excellent vacation spot that is amongst the best Jamaican beach rentals. It is located in Negril, situated on a cliff to allow a perfect view of the sunset. You able to also enjoy the breathtaking sights of the sea while listening to the captivating sounds of nature as it echoes with melodious rhythms. Little Water on the Cliff comes with luxurious packages apartments that are fully air-conditioned with computers that are Wi-Fi connected to the internet so that you can remain in contact with others if you wish. Other facilities available are Wheelchairs if needed, an iPod docking station, well-gated protection with parking space. Sumptuously prepared meals are set through the alfresco dining. There are other amenities for your enjoyment.

FortLands Point on Discovery Bay

This is a wonderful resort located in the old colonial military secured zones along the entrance into Discovery Bay. At Fortlands Point your vacation will be filled with lots of sunbathing and swimming while refreshing yourself in the awesome scenery of the Caribbean Sea. Each accommodation comes with an exercise room, air-conditioning to cool off from the time spent in the sun. Your apartment will also have computers connected to the internet, satellite television and other necessary amenities. Then you will be furnished with various intercontinental dishes for pleasure through alfresco dining. All of these are at affordable prices.

Tek Time

This is a great resort located in Montego Bay. From this vacation spot, you can see a hot tub swimming pool that is inbuilt. From this point, you can easily go for a golf game at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course providing fantastic holiday accommodation for all those that love to play golf. Each accommodation comes with outdoor furniture that makes to sit out and enjoy the time spent in the sun. Your apartment will also have stereo systems and Wi-Fi connections available. It has television with Cable TV and other necessary amenities. Then you will be furnished with various intercontinental dishes for pleasure through alfresco dining. All of these are at affordable prices.

Dream Villa with Private Pool

This facility is situated within Drax Hall Country Club, found in St Ann’s Garden Parish, within ten minutes’ drive from Ocho Rios. The fact that it comes with its own private pool is alluring and desirable coupled with the very serene and safe location. You are sure of having a comfortable vacation curdled up in the arms of your loved one, with your mind at rest, since it is well secured with a 24-hour security. There are a clubhouse, a tennis court and gym keeping you active during your trip. Rooms are fully equipped with air-conditioning systems, Wi-Fi connections, and a security camera to guarantee your safety.

Some Important Facts to Note While Vacating in Jamaica

  • Be security conscious and stick to locations that are not violence prone. Not to worry though, because you just have few locations that are high in violence which is not the popular tourist location. Those risky areas are confined, but you should find out more about the location you choose while going on vacation in Jamaica.
  • Mosquitoes are a big challenge on this Island. You should come packed with a lot of mosquito repellent. You can buy some from the local stores in the location. There are some accommodation rental services that come with rooms treated against mosquitoes. But just be prepared with your bugs repellant to have uninterrupted fun during your vacation.
  • Make sure you take a tour of all the fun places. It is not a good idea to confine yourself just to the best Jamaican beach rentals you have hired. It is highly advisable to take tours out to the beach to see exciting places like waterfalls. Go for snorkeling, you will really enjoy it – without snorkeling, then you have missed more than half of the fun on your vacation. And by the way, do not forget to see the crocodiles – they are amazing!

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