Girl On-The-Go: What Single Women Should Know About Travelling

Whether you’ve been through a nasty breakup or are habitually single, travelling is an amazing option. Thanks to the sun, sea, sand and people, you can’t fail to have an awesome time. Of course, every element may not go to plan. Take your love life, for instance. Travelling means socialising, and that implies a romantic connection with one or two men or maybe more! Hooking up with Prince Charming is the dream but it doesn’t always work out like the movies. So, to help you negate the choppy waters that are single travelling, here are the basics to keep in mind.

Everyone Is Different

There are bound to be some totally rad guys knocking around with long hair that make your knees buckle. And, these fellas will probably be interested in taking the relationship to the next level. Saying that, beware of hippies who don’t want to get tied down, man. It’s so like what the oppressors want us to do; do you know what I mean? You will when you meet a man that smokes too much weed and has a ‘holistic’ worldview. Remember that what you want may not be the same as what they are looking for as everyone is unique. Just consider that before getting involved or hooking up.

Not Everyone Is Hitting On You

Girls, please don’t take this as an insult because it isn’t supposed to offend. As a single woman, guys like to come over and make their intentions clear. Because of this behaviour, it isn’t uncommon for ladies to think that men are after one thing. Usually, it’s because they are and your woman’s intuition is bang on the money. Weirdly enough, it isn’t the case in a hostel. Men will talk to you, and get ready for this, just to get to know you better as a person. So, be open to talking to random strangers that introduce themselves as they may be interested in your life.


Dating Apps Are Poles Apart

Swipe right on Tinder and you’ll get tonnes of matches back home. In a foreign land, it doesn’t always work the same way as it depends on the profile. Local guys may have a preference that is at odds with what men back home like. Consider smoking or vaping for a moment. ‘Liberal’ countries hate to promote the culture as it’s unhealthy, whereas conservative cultures don’t care. In fact, a Go Smoke Free poll has smokers as more attractive on Tinder at a whopping 40%. Be wary that you may have to switch up your dating app game to attract the best matches.

Are you single and on-the-go? How are you finding the experience?

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