Fashion tips for women – Exuding power

It is quite natural that women are more fashion conscious when compared to men. They desire to be well dressed not only to appear beautiful, but also create the right impression among family members, friends, relatives, clients, colleagues, peers, customers and others.


Wearing the right apparel

Those unsure about the type of clothes to wear which will convey successful and positive image of themselves should try picture a president rich broker or any well known successful person for a second. Pencil skirts, smart suits, golf clubs, high heels and expensive jewelry is what comes to the mind. The person who is seen to be wearing insignificant clothes only tends to reflect her social and mental status. In order to become successful, it is essential to pay more attention to the clothes worn. This change in apparels is sure to bring a positive change in life and help to achieve all ambitious goals. It is important to wear something neat and clean.

What is to be done and avoided to appear trendy, modern and beautiful?

Excess make-up is better avoided, since this is not associated with those successful, sophisticated ladies. Those planning to appear the job interview have to dress to appear professional, serious and confident. Frey suits and navy blue are wonderful options to choose. Light blue, white, checked and striped shirts also are excellent choices and need to be classic and well designed. The other options available are blue, black and white trousers that can match easily with wide variety of patterned and solid colored blazers. When accessories are concerned, classic leather briefcases and tote bags is the right selection, if expensive designer bag is beyond reach.

The jewels worn need to express confidence, experience and strength! Heart shaped, tiny earrings matched with a silver key attached almost invisible necklace is associated will be seen as weakness, lack of experience and sweetness. In case, the desire is to be viewed as a powerful, strong woman, then ‘strong’ jewelry pieces should be selected. Extra large necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets with colorful gems can be fabulous options. It is necessary to understand that sophisticated, classy woman will wear very few jewelry pieces. Again, when casual contexts are to be taken into consideration, knee length dresses, patterned blouses, neutral colored pencil skirts, cardigans, blazers, classic coats and trench coats is sure to provide that successful and powerful look and feel.

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