Essential tips to keep in mind for keeping the eyes healthy

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We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. That is one of the reasons why our eyes are among the most precious organs of our body. 

With our eyes, we can see the world around us, so it is essential to take good care and keep them in a healthy condition throughout our life. One can ensure the best health for the eyes by adopting a few simple but positive habits and changes in lifestyle. Let’s take a look ( 😊 ) at some of them:

Have a healthy diet regularly – We must include foods that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and antioxidants, which are healthy for the eyes and can save people from old age related visionary ailments. Hence, the doctors recommend the regular intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, kale, papaya, beans, peaches, oranges, and mangoes. 

The consumption of several non-vegetarian foods, like eggs, chicken, turkey, and pork can also benefit the health of the eyes. The common seafood, like oyster, salmon, and tuna are rich in omega3 fatty acid that is also needed. People may also ensure the health of their eyes by consuming nuts, yogurt, and green tea.

Protect eyes with sunglasses – The direct sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can cause cataract and macular degeneration in the eyes, mainly if overexposed to sunlight between 10 am to 2 pm. So it is best to wear special sunglasses or photochromic shades for protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays. The eyes should also be protected from injuries during any sports event or hazardous occupation, by wearing suitable safety eyeglasses or eye shields. 

Give some rest to the eyes – Nowadays people often remain glued to the phone or computer screen due to work or for playing games. Vizulize have shared a great infographic about #ScreentimeStats that I think is very eye-opening ( 😊 ):

Having the habit of sitting for long hours in front of a screen can put immense strain and make the eyes dry, leading to blurry vision and other defects. This can be avoided by giving some rest to the eyes from time to time. You can use computer-protective glasses or blink frequently to prevent drying of the eyes.

Avoid smoking – The habit of smoking is highly harmful to the eyes, as optic nerves, eye lens and the macula of the retina can be seriously damaged due to the ill effects of nicotine. So it is wise to smoke less or even better not to smoke at all in entire life to ensure the best health of the eyes in old age.  

Maintain proper hygiene – The children should be taught not to touch their eyes without washing their hands, to avoid any eye infection. People should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration of eyes and get sufficient hours of sleep at night. If any irritation or trouble in vision is felt, it is best to consult an ophthalmologist immediately to avoid further complications in the eyes and keep them in a healthy state for a longer time.

Do you have any other advice on how to keep your eyes healthy? Please share it and let’s appreciate daily the beauty we can observe around us with our amazing doorways to the world.

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