Essential Tips For a Successful Summer House Move


Let’s be honest, summer’s just great, isn’t it?

Long sunny days, enjoying time with your friends – and a feeling of optimism everywhere around you.  And it’s no surprise at all that so many people choose this season to plan or launch their next house move.

Why you might want to move house

Maybe you’ve outgrown your current  place or you want to live nearer work – there are lots of reasons why anyone might need to move. You could be upsizing, joining a partner in the next town or city, or possibly even be thinking of moving further afield. 

Whatever your reasons, it’s important to make the right decisions about selling or buying a house – and keep everything as stress free as possible.

The experts agree that summer is the best time to move

Experts in the housing field agree summer is the best time to sell, when homes can be snapped up faster and for a much better price.  So if you’ve been dwelling on putting your property on the market all Spring, now’s the right time to make that move! 

The longer summer days just make the thought of it more appealing, don’t they – and it’s more practical. The weather is more likely to be good, or at least we hope so – and it’s often easier to get some time off too.


How can you show your home off at its best?

Summer provides a great opportunity to show your home off at its best, and a quick makeover can help maximize its appeal.  So why not give your living room a quick upgrade, freshen up the kitchen and add a few fresh plants everywhere?. 

There’s lots of information available on the best ways to sell your home in the summer, so why not get inspired and start decluttering right now?  

And, if your property is already listed for sale, what are the next important steps you need to take?

Get some expert advice

Imagine it.  You’ve found a property you love,  you get really carried away and then find out it’s not structurally sound.  No-one wants that, do they?


You need to know that a house or apartment is in good condition before you commit to a purchase – to avoid any nasty surprises.. Without that information, you might not be aware of costly work that needs to be done so it’s always advisable to use a chartered surveyor – like Allcott Associates.

The top five things they will look for when completing a house survey are:

  • any problems with utilities;
  • whether there’s any damp;
  • If there’s any cracking and
  • whether the roof is ok.
  • Are there any timber defects?

They’ll produce a full report for you, setting out all their findings, and you can use this to help you decide if the property is viable.

Then, once you’re more fully informed, you can move ahead with your house purchase with confidence.  And you’ll soon be enjoying those long hazy days in a new place that’s just right for you, this summer.

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