Eight Home Improvements To Make Your Home Safer

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Keeping your home safe should be one of your first priorities. If you’re making improvements to your home, you should think about making some of those improvements focus on safety, to keep you and your family safe. 

  1. Spend on secure fencing. Fencing off your garden is a good start to improve your home security. A sturdy fence or hedge around the border of your property helps to prevent your home becoming a target for intruders, who may be put off by having to scale a fence. The fence or hedge also works the other way, helping to keep children or pets inside the garden instead of escaping. 
  2. Fit outdoor lighting. Add lights that have sense motion before they turn on. This can put off potential intruders as they won’t be able to approach unseen. It can also make you safer if you come home in the dark, by lighting your route to the house. You’ll be less likely to have an accident due to poor visibility. 
  3. Use a safe heating oil storage solution. A safe and durable tank is a safe way to store the oil for your oil heating system. Plastic options are better, as they’re less likely to corrode than metal versions, preventing leaks.  
  4. Check smoke alarms. Make sure you have working smoke alarms fitted to alert you in the case of a fire. Test them regularly to make sure they’re working properly. At minimum, fit heat alarms in the kitchen and garage, ionisation smoke alarms on landings and optical ones in bedrooms, hallways and the lounge. 
  5. Upgrade your windows. Windows can be an easy route for intruders to get into your home. Open window are especially dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them closed. Use window openers, which allow for ventilation, but preventing the window from opening any further. This blocks someone from outside getting in, or children from opening from inside and falling out. 
  6. Add additional bolts and locks to any doors into the house, and gates into the garden. This is an easy, cheap way to add more security to you home to prevent intruders. 
  7. Secure the doors. Check all exterior doors to make sure the frames are strong, hinges are protected and the lock can’t be reached from the letterbox. Make a door even more secure with a deadbolt, strike plate or smart locks. You could upgrade to a video doorbell for even more security. If you have sliding glass doors, make sure they can’t be forced open from the outside. For a cheaper solution, use a window bar or dowel in the track. Upgrade by adding a door sensor or glass break sensor which will alert you if the door is tampered with. 
  8. Don’t forget the garage. Even if you can’t access your home through the garage, there’s usually still plenty to steal in most garages. Make sure you always lock the garage door, and keep any garage door openers in the house, not the car. If you access the garage with a code, keep it secret and never enter it in front of neighbours or delivery people. To boost security, upgrade to a garage door opener and a secure door with extra locks.

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