Do you prefer country breaks or coastal breaks?

There is a wide range of options for the magnificent seaside as well as countryside, in the UK, for choosing a place to visit for the upcoming vacation. The question arises here is how to choose from a country or coastal side. Whether the fresh sea breeze and the sand of coastal area are more attractive, or the peace of a countryside is more appealing.

Coastal side holidays

According to the research surprisingly more than 35% of the top ten holidays included visits to the beaches last year. The main attractions for the coastal side are a lot of breathtaking views, delicious food and a lot of family-involving tasks.

These are not only the things that a seashore offer the visitors. A visit to a coastal area also does wonders to reduce the stress on the mind, body, and soul. One can feel relaxed spending their time in holiday cottages in seahouses, by listening to the sound of waves of the sea. The fresh sea air can be helpful for a sound sleep. Furthermore, a walk along the beach can unstiffen your feet.

The coast provides a break to re-experience happy moments. From the most common activities on the beach like; making sandcastles, eating takeaway fish and chips and paddling in the sea by rolling up sleeves and trousers, it is evident from the research last year that people love to spend their leisure on beaches.

However, there are also some drawbacks of the coastal breaks. They are more expensive than the countryside visits, even in the off-peak period. The visit to coastal areas, in peak season, means that it will be crowded with people, than at any time stay, at a vast countryside.

Countryside holidays

As the coastal visits turn out to be a part of our lives at an early age, the silence of a countryside is not less than a nirvana to spend quality time.

For most of the people living in the UK’s thickly populated cities, the main enticement for a visit to the countryside is to satisfy the need for a calm and quiet environment. But the charms of the countryside are even more than that, like pleasing landscapes, countryside homes, Britain’s duskiest skies and plenty of walking and cycling areas. They all make rural sides the best places to find peace from the worries of daily life.

The visit to rural areas enables a person to get nearer to nature by providing them the opportunities to witness different animals, birds and beautiful butterflies dwelling there.

Though all the above factors prove to be more attractive than an urban life, the detachment that one might experience during the visit is something disturbing for a person who lives in the city. This means that the countryside is mostly far-flung areas that don’t support the phone signals or Wi-Fi perfectly. Moreover, due to the lack of a supermarket, superstores and express shops, one might have to travel a lot of distance just to pick up anything from the market.

So, where would you like to be? Would you enjoy the isolation of a countryside or would you prefer the out-of-date seaside visit? There are a lot of choices at your ease for spending quality holidays.

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