Date Night Getting Dire? It’s Time To Shake Things Up A Little

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There’s nothing more wonderful and comforting than knowing that you’ve found the love of your life. It’s a quest that takes some of us longer than others but when you’ve finally found true love, it’s vital that you grab it with both hands. Nonetheless, the thing about meeting the love of your life is that inevitably the life part gets in the way of the love. In those halcyon early days it seems like sparks of electricity fly between you whenever you meet, and when you’re apart your every waking thought is consumed by what you’ll do when you see them again. However, as your relationship progresses, you move in together and start to forge your own path together, your relationship can get lost in the background noise of day to day life, especially when you have kids. It’s easy for couples to become too familiar with one another, and inevitably the spark fades.

Many couples schedule a weekly (or at the very least, monthly) date night to make sure that things don’t go stale and while this is a great first step, it’s also important to make sure that the date night itself doesn’t go stale. Sure there’s comfort in rocking up at the same restaurant week after week, ordering “the usual” and then heading out to watch a movie, but over time this routine can just become another part of the domestic tedium of life. Keep the spark alive and shake things up by trying some of these more unconventional date nights…

Break out of a room together

Stressful situations can be volatile in a relationship. They can make you snap at one another and become irritable. When the stressful situation is a manufactured and fictional situation, however, this dynamic changes. Our stress doesn’t drive us apart but brings us closer together, especially if it’s a situation that requires us to work together. This is why breaking out of an Escape Room is a fun activity for couples as well as groups of friends. It’s an adrenaline spike and a challenge that will shake you out of your comfort zone and be a talking point between you for years to come.

Go for dinner somewhere you’d never normally choose

Bonding with one another over food is an activity that couples have enjoyed for centuries. There’s nothing quite like a romantic meal with your dearly beloved. However, as comforting as it may feel to order the same thing again and again, familiar can eventually become boredom. The trouble is that when we’ve decided what we do and don’t like in the culinary sense we can become averse to trying new things. Remember that life begins outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to try some more diverse cuisines together. If you love it, you’ll have a new favourite food in your repertoire, if you hate it at least you have something to laugh about later.

Volunteer together

Giving up some of your free time to give something back to your community or help those less fortunate is not only a noble thing to do, it’s something that can bring you closer together. Working together to help others is pretty darned romantic and sure to get the endorphins folwing.


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