Cozy Living: Fittings And Decor Ready For The Fall

As the temperatures drop day by day, winter shall soon be upon us all. We make many preparations for the winter to the exterior of our home so damage is limited. But that’s not where it should just end, we need to make preparations to stay warm and comfortable during the autumn too. However, maybe this time you can focus mainly on decor so you are kept warm throughout the colder days. And where to begin? There are so many options for decor that is designed for the colder days of the year, that perhaps you should mix and match. That’s where the majority of your choices will come from, the fact that they need to make you feel comfortable. So the question of what kinds of materials would be best for your home, and could they fit with the rest of the room they are in? Thankfully, cosy living has become the norm and there are several options for one piece of clothing, fittings, fixtures and of course styles.

Layer after layer

The living room will soon become a nest of activity. Anyone who wants to sit or lie on the sofa, will desperately yearn to cling onto something warm. Turning up the heat can only get you so far, as the fall chill will descend into and over your home during the night. Therefore when you wake up, your living room sofa will be cold and very cold if it’s made out of leather; which most contemporary sofas are. Buy a few cotton lounge cushions to throw onto your sofa. A nice blanket rug is thick enough to put over you that you’ll feel warm in just a few minutes, but it’s also light enough to keep lying around on your sofa. A thinner blanket made from cotton is a great idea to keep your feet warm if they simply stick out too much over the edge. As you can see, the aim is to create layers to support the different levels of warmth you require.

The cushions will be good for your feet, head and elbows as they give support but also a nice soft warm place for your limbs. The blanket rug on the sofa itself is the most convenient way to lounge during the fall on your sofa. A small blanket is the finishing touch to keep your toes toasty.

Climbing the ladder

Bathrooms become the most dreaded room in the fall. Our bathrooms have tiles, wooden floors and glass as the main materials. Every single one of those becomes freezing cold every morning. You tread lightly on the cold floor, and make sure to not touch your back to the glass shower door as you wash up. The tiles radiate the cool temperature all around the room and even steam runs clear so easily off them.

One way to combat this is the make the cold, climb up the ladder. Visit Drench to get a whole array of ladder towel rails. Check out the Brenton Pagosa Anthracite heated towel rail for a modern interpretation of this kind of radiator with two aims. Sleek, tall and thin, this towel rail will heat up the wall inside your bathroom no problem at all. Place your towel on it the night before, and when you wake up to shower you’ll have a nice comforting towel waiting for you when you get out of the shower. It’s a win, win for the bathroom that can’t seem to absorb heat due to the materials used and also nice for when you want to hope out of the shower and walk back to your bedroom without a cold shiver running up your spine.

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Woolly feet

Speaking of bathrooms, the least you can do to change the vibe is to get yourself a woolly bath rug. Not only does it absorb more water off the floor and dripping off your body when you get out, but it insulates your feet from the cold too. It’s simple and one of the cheapest things you can buy for your bathroom. There are woven patterns that stretch easily if need something that’s going to be rugged for the whole family and others that are one piece.

A ladder towel rail spreads heat all around the room since it is tall enough to raise the temperature of the air at the ground but also the ceiling of the bathroom. Couple that with a bath rug and you can control your body temperature much easier. Layer your living room so you have all the possible angles of where the fall chills might attack you covered.

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