Capturing The Show Home Approach

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If you’ve ever been to an event ran by real estate agents, you’ve probably been to a show home or two. Usually used to present the homes which will be on offer in the near future, this sort of resource can be great when you’re looking for inspiration, but can also present some challenges to those interested in DIY. Capturing the sort of look achieved by these homes can be very hard. There are loads of tricks, tools, and resources used by professionals which will feel as though they are out of reach. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring the elements which make a show home, along with some tips to help with your own.

Balance: The first part of this sort of job to consider is the balance you’re going to strike in the space you create. To make a space which looks like it was designed by a pro, you’re going to need to make sure that all of the elements are working together, and this can be a challenge on its own. Below, you can find some examples of the sort of things which will need to match if you want to start right from the beginning.

  • Color: Color can be an incredibly powerful tool when it is used correctly. Some colors will work together, while others will look vile in pairs, and this is the first part of this to consider. Along with this, though, the shades themselves can also bring something to the table. Colors are very good at making you feel things, inspiring emotions based on the hues which you can see, enabling you to shape the way a room feels before you even get started on it.
  • Light: With too much light making a room feel very large, and not enough of it creating a space which feels tiny, this is another area to balance before you move onto bigger things. Most people will look at their space before deciding to let more light in or not. This can be achieved using curtains and blinds, with natural light having a much bigger impact than the artificial ones used in most homes.
  • Shapes: As the last thing to balance, shapes can also play a big role in the way that a room feels. Modern contemporary design, for example, is often built from straight lines and boxes, rather than curves and circles. Of course, this is a basic take on shapes, and you will need to do some research to make the very best of them, using online resources to learn how other people have used them in their homes. The way an object looks will always have an impact on the feel of a space.

Furniture: With your balance in mind, it will be time to start thinking bigger, and this should always start with the furniture. The sort of options you find in show homes tend to be high quality, modern, and available from normal stores. In fact, for most styles, Ikea is likely to have everything you need, giving you the chance to shop in one place instead of going to loads of stores. Of course, though, it’s going to take some research before you find the perfect examples for your show home.

Decor: Once you have all of your furniture in mind, you will be ready to start building to room’s decor around it. This is where most of your balancing act will be performed, as this is the stage where you will choose colors and light to fill your space, taking the first steps to make it feel unique. To make this sort of work as easy as possible, while also capturing show home like perfection, it will be a good idea to hire a professional to help you with this. Most people won’t be able to achieve the right level of quality on their own. Of course, though, you may feel confident in your skills, and it could be worth giving it a try.

The Little Things: No show home is complete without the little touches which make it look like someone is living there. Of course, you will be living in your home, and these ornaments can be authentic, as long as you choose the right ones to have on display. Books, tools, and other items which are often left lying around can be found in loads of different styles. Choosing one which will compliment your decor and furniture will be hard, but you will almost certainly be able to find something which fits the bill.

Cleaning: Finally, as the last part of this job, it will be time to start a routine of very regular cleaning. A show home will never be dirty or messy, and this is something which you can aim to achieve within your own space, too. To make this easier, it will be a good idea to make tidying into a habit, starting by forcing yourself to handle jobs which would usually be ignored. It won’t take long until your home is always in great condition.

Buying One: For some people, going to these lengths to make their home look like a show home will be too much. If you live a busy lifestyle or aren’t interested in DIY, you may not like the idea of going through all of this, and will need a faster approach. A new launch condo 2018, for example, will have all of the qualities listed above. Instead of having to put the work in, though, you will be able to buy one directly, already including furniture and decor to make sure that you have to do as little as possible.

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Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start taking your interior design more seriously. While going for the show home look might not be right for you or your space, most of the rules in this post can apply to other approaches, too. Of course, before you can start working, though, you will have to find a theme which you really like.

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