Best Designs Available For a Living Room to Impart a Sophisticated Look

The living room is the primary place of a house where the residents can enjoy cozy gatherings with their friends and relatives. So it is essential to have a lively décor in the living room to impress the guests and also to uplift the moods of the residents when they get time to sit and enjoy family life.

Hence, the interior designers make it a point to provide unique and remarkable designs for the living room décor, as per the budget of the clients. Here are a few suggestions you might want to take into consideration:

Contrast color schemes

The color chosen for the walls of the living room should be contrasting the colors of the upholsteries used for room décor. If white or any light neutral shade is to be used in the living room décor, then the walls may be colored with a darker shade, like navy blue or deep gray for making the room items more prominent to the onlookers. Thus, vice versa color scheme may be chosen as well with lighter colors on the walls and dark color scheme for the furnishings. 

Flat glass rooflights

By choosing flat glass rooflights you can create better living conditions, bringing natural light and fresh air inside the house, so you can ensure natural energy, fresh air, and a better quality of life. Such a design allows for the maximum incidence of daylight, helps reduce electricity consumption for lighting, and saves energy by efficiently ventilating the house.

Decorative mantle

The living rooms of the cold countries are provided with a modern fireplace, which can be covered with a mantle made of marble or high-quality timber. Few cozy chairs and a center table may be placed close to this mantle, to enable the people to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace in winters. There may be a table lamp or exclusive show-pieces over this mantle that is not easily breakable. 

Traditional design 

The living room may be imparted an elegant and traditional look, with comfortable luxury sofas and wooden couches with antique designs. The placement of decorative floor lamps of antique designs and a sober colored rug may be placed to bring the feeling of a rich culture to the space.  Moreover, the room may be further decorated with some antique prized possessions of the house owner, exhibited over the side tables or mantles for adding grandeur to the décor. 

Addition of wooden tables

A well-decorated center table or a coffee table of short height may be the ideal furniture in a living room, where the guests can be served foods and beverages for welcoming them. Generally, wooden tables of unique designs are preferred by the house owners, as per their tastes, budgets, and space available in the living room. The placement of a wooden bar at one corner of this room with numbers of bottles containing alcoholic drinks of reputed brands may lure the guests with options of delicious drinks, as well as may serve as a display center of some artworks. 

Depending on your imagination, there can be numerous more varieties of living room designs as per the excellence and the experience of your tastes and the help of your interior designer!

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