Amazing destinations for shopping around the world

All amazing cities need not be amazing destinations for shopping. One can avoid shopping in a particular city if he or she will be visiting a better shopping city shortly. There are a few cities in the world where one can have the most enjoyable as well as gratifying shopping experience. A city can find a place in the list of the most amazing shopping destinations if the city provides –

  1. Efficient and comfortable public transport facilities to move around and the transportation time must be the minimum. Also cabs must be easily available for reasonable prices.
  2. The shops should provide various types of bargain opportunities
  3. There must be a lot of boutiques, retail shops, department stores and upscale shops. Numerous brands must be available and there must be wide range of shopping categories.
  4. There should be options for quality dining as well as accommodation and the shops must be beautiful and clean and the displays must be impressive. The sales staff must be friendly as well as patient.




The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world and it has theme park, water-fall, dancing fountains, aquarium and malls within the mall. In the months of January and February this mall will be the venue of Annual Dubai Shopping Festival. This festival is very popular because of the great discounts and package deals that are offered. On clothing, electronic goods and other popular items cash discount is offered up to 70%.


Madrid is the most ideal city for variety shopping and in just one shopping trip one can purchase all the items in his list. The products are reasonably priced and all the popular brands of Spain are available in all the shops in the city. The local markets like the El Rastro are open on Sundays. Here local vendors are selling homemade products.

New York City

NYC is considered as a shopper’s paradise. Time Warner Center is the famous mall here and the boutiques in SoHo are known for unique vintage items that one cannot get anywhere else. Fifth Avenue is known for high-end brands and designers and Union Square is ideal for holiday shopping. Plenty of hot chocolates and pretzels are available here.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a world shopping center throughout the year. The shopping malls in Hong Kong are very huge and all luxury brands are available here. The Times Square Mall has ten floors and Langham Place mall has the reputation as a more affordable mall. In Langham Place there are exclusive-to-Asia shops. The Jade Market as well as Temple Street Night Market is for local, vintage an artisan wares.


Milan has the distinction as the most fashionable city in the world. This city is the home for luxury fashion houses like Armani, Prada, Valentino, Miu Miu, Etro,Gabana and many more. Fashion Quadrangle is the prime shopping area and here all the popular fashion labels are sold. For local and luxury goods there will be more markets in the city during the few weeks prior to Christmas. The annual Oh Bej! Oh Bej! Christmas market is very famous.

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