A Weekend In Winchester: Planning A Romantic Break In England’s Ancient Capital


Winchester is known as the ancient capital of England as it was the country’s most important city for many generations up until the 11th century. It is where the first king (Egbert) was crowned, and is a bucket list item for any history boffin or patriotic Brit. However, even if you don’t fall into those categories, it is the perfect place for a romantic break with your partner.

Here’s why romancing couples should consider choosing Winchester for their next English break.

  • The weather is better than most of England. While the climate in Hampshire is hardly California, there’s no doubt that it beats many places in the UK. It is a particularly nice part of the world in spring and summer, although the colours in autumn are very pretty too. If you seek a location that will actually give you a place to explore without getting drenched and picking up a cold, this is one of your best bets.
  • Winchester is home to many idyllic and quaint places to stay. In truth, they are some of the best cottages in Hampshire and the whole of England. Aside from being very romantic, this type of accommodation provides great privacy and a sense of personality. You won’t get that with some of the hotels and B&Bs in the UK or abroad. Given that the accommodation can easily make or break a trip, its importance should not be overlooked.
  • It’s cheaper and more practical than many of the alternatives. In fact, you could easily use this as the focus for an epic road trip. Meanwhile, the fact that the control is in your hands means that you can stay for as long as you need. Whether you just want a single night break or an extended weekend is entirely up to you. Either way, knowing that things are on your watch should come as a major bonus for all holidaymakers.


  • There are various romantic attractions. The list includes Winchester Cathedral, the planetarium, and the City Mill. Each of those places appeal to a wide range of visitors, but couples will find them more enjoyable than most. Unlike attractions in the major cities, there’s less pressure to rush your way through them either. They’re busy without being over packed while most places are within relatively close distances of each other.
  • Winchester has some wonderful walking and cycling routes. Aside from being great fun for couples, it will also provide an array of great photo opportunities. Grab your selfie stick, and you’ll be all set to capture those magic moments forever. Turn them into canvas art when you get back home for the perfect souvenir. For an extra special flavour, try taking those photos at sunset for some truly incredible views across the Hampshire horizon.

In conclusion, Winchester is a great place to visit, particularly as there are many excursions nearby. For a comfortable and romantic weekend away, couples couldn’t want anything else from their adventures.

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