A Guide to Occasion Dressing

Women enjoy dressing for special occasions and many prefer to dress in their own style even though they need to follow a certain dress code. Whether you’ve been invited to a corporate event, a party organized by your friends or a cultural event, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the right dress behavior for every occasion and to impress with the outfit you choose. Let’s loog at a few guidelines that will enable you to dress in the most fashionable way for each special function and social gathering that you attend:

The casual attire

A casual or informal dress will make you feel comfortable and at the same time fashionable. You can also wear jeans and a t-shirt or a skirt, and sneakers – these combinations enable you to appear smart and dignified and the same time they are comfortable. Heels are not required for this type of dressing and also, try to avoid too many accessories.

The smart casual attire

When you are invited to participate in events such as professional conferences and seminars, corporate events, or the launching of a new product within the company you are working for, you will need to turn to a smart casual outfit. The most fashionable attire for this type of occasions could be a pencil skirt, a stylish top and a nice jacket in pop color. You may wear either heels or matching flats. You can also try casual pants (jeans may not be appropriate for such occasions), a pair of casual black leather shoes, along with a striped shirt.

The business attire

The dresses that women normally wear in the offices are called business casuals and they may vary depending on the type of workplace. These dresses need not be too formal. At the workplace, you want to appear polished and relaxed and at the same time fashionable. When you feel comfortable and are in your own style, you also become more productive and happy. Cropped trousers, fun blouse, and light jewelry such as necklaces or earrings are ideal business casuals.

The cocktail attire

The cocktail dress is suitable for social events such as the birthday of your best friend or weekend party outings. For a cocktail party, you have to choose between a playful dress and a party dress. Your dress shouldn’t be too revealing but it must be sophisticated with all the colors and cut-outs. When you are invited to a holiday cocktail you will be going for a night of music, fun, and dancing. Here, you can have your cocktail attire with a few additional features. Your dress can be in festive colors like green and red. You can go with jewels, tartan, and sequins. Although your small black dress can be a great option, such occasions give you the freedom to be creative with colorful and attractive options, according to your personal preferences.

The elegant attire

The elegant outfit is the one you have to choose when you are invited to a gala event, a special ceremony, an opera show, weddings or baptisms. As for your appearance at this type of event, you must know that the elegant evening dress is the surest choice. Shoes with high heels should remain, in this case, your number one option. You can choose from a range of ladies shoes, depending on the dress model you choose. As a rule, at such events, it is recommended to wear long and simple elegant dresses without too many embroidered elements. At gala events, the emphasis is on simplicity and elegance.

If you have any advice or opinions, I would love it if you could share your own experiences. What is your favorite attire and what impresses you the most when meeting someone new? Wherever you go the first impression is very important so, make sure you shine, whatever the occasion.

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