9 Trendy Swimwear Embellishments for 2018

Winter is ending fast nearly everywhere, which means an important tradition will be here before you know it: swimsuit shopping. As in years past, swim fashion has evolved to include all sorts of new colors, cuts, and trimmings, but fortunately, many of the embellishments of years past have stuck around. To find out whether your favorite trends made the cut, you should read on about 2018’s top swimwear styles.

1. Mini Tee

For a few years now, swim fashion has been edging ever closer to street styles, so it should be little surprise that some swim tops are starting to look like T-shirts. Mini tees come in as many cuts as regular T-shirts: cap-sleeves, ruffled sleeves, off-the-shoulder styles, boat necks, V-necks, crew necks, and more. The best part is you hardly have to change when you leave the beach.

2. Asymmetry

Looking the same on both sides is boring. Asymmetry emphasizes creativity and individuality, and as you might expect, those traits are becoming ever-more important in fashion. If you want to exhibit uniqueness on the beach, you should consider rocking an asymmetrical swim look. As a benefit, asymmetrical styles can help to bring balance your body by pulling the eye in a direction away from perceived flaws.

3. Texture

Texture is all over modern swim style; designers are experimenting will all sorts of unconventional materials to produce new looks and feelings in swimwear. For example, in 2017, designer Lisa Marie Fernandez offered a denim bikini. This year, you can still wear your crochet swimsuit proudly, but you might also branch out with velvet, leather, or lace one- and two-piece bathing suits.

4. Ruffles

Ruffles are incredibly feminine – plus they look good on nearly every body type. Here are a few ways ruffles can emphasize and flatter different aspects of your body:

  • Ruffles on the hip bones accentuate your hips, giving you a curvy lower body
  • Ruffles under the bust lengthen and flatten your tummy
  • Ruffles on the sides also lengthen your body and hide bulges caused by tight swimsuit fabric
  • Ruffles on the sleeves draw the eye up and out, balancing a pear-shape with stronger shoulders

To add some romance to your swimwear looks, you might consider picking a suit with ruffles that suit you.

5. Embroidery

It doesn’t matter whether you decorate with embroidered fabrics or you wear them on your body – embroidery is hot right now. You can find swim-safe embroidered looks, like Anne Cole swimwear, that add pops of visual interest to already chic swim styles, cuts, and colors. Generally, you should be more delicate with any fabrics that carry embroidery, in case you loosen or tear the stitches. However, if the swimwear is high-quality, you should be safe treating your embroidered suit as you would any other.

6. Side Interest

One-piece bathing suits have become dramatically less boring over the past few years, and one reason is designers’ willingness to play with new ways of showing skin. In the past, there were only a few places designers could play with style on swimwear, but now every square inch is up for alteration. Case in point: funky and fresh one-piece sides. Using D rings, laces, and mesh, designers have made the side of a swimsuit eye-catching and interesting.

7. Wrapping

Wrapped fashion is all the rage, and swimwear is following this trend. Wrapped one-pieces look sophisticated and can be paired easily with chic beach pants and a blazer for a beach-to-evening outfit. Wrapped two-pieces add visual interest to the traditional string bikini and tend to provide slightly more support.

8. Belts

It seems like just yesterday that belted fashion was no longer in vogue, but now it’s back with a vengeance. Miami Swim Week 2017 saw a belted style from nearly every designer, meaning you are destined to see all sorts of different belts on beaches this spring and summer. The brilliance of the belt is its cinching of the waist as well as its accentuation of the swimwear’s style. You can try sporty belts or feminine belts on your swimwear this season.

9. Minimal

Despite the undeniable popularity of flashy features like ruffles, belts, and unique materials, the polar opposite – minimalist swimwear – is also fashionable right now. Black, white, and beige swimwear lacking frills of any kind don’t allow you to hide behind embellishments, meaning you must reach new levels of confidence in your swim outfits.

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