5 Things to Consider When Buying a Campervan for Your Next Holiday

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A campervan can be a great investment if you plan to go on a lot of domestic holidays or drive across Europe. Whether you’re a couple, have a young family or are even hitting retirement, they can be a fun way to see the world. Buying one brand new will be expensive but there are plenty of second hand options out there, or you could even convert an old van into a camper to save money. Whatever you decide, there are a few important things to consider before you buy.


Campervans come in all sizes, from those that are barely bigger than an estate car to massive motorhomes that look like they could accommodate an entire village. Think not only about how many people you need to sleep in the campervan at the moment you buy but in the near future too, if you plan to have more children for example. It might not just be your family that uses it either, if you take one of your children’s friends on a trip or get a pet you’ll need more room.


Size is usually related to price though, so for those who want a six-sleeper you’ll need to do some research and check it fits with your budget. Buying privately second-hand is normally the cheapest way but you need to be extra cautious as you’ll struggle to get your money back if there’s an issue. Dealers are more reliable though the costs will likely be more, yet some kind of warranty should be included and any problems will hopefully have been fixed.

MOT and Insurance

A campervan is a vehicle first, portable home second. So as with any road-using vehicle it will need to be properly insured and has to pass an annual MOT. Check with the seller first, as in some cases the MOT may have a few months left. It’s also worth viewing its history, to ensure there hasn’t been any major issues in the past that could lead to regular breakdowns. Like with any vehicle, the cost of campervan insurance will vary depending on its age and engine size.


You’ll want a campervan that feels homely and the main benefit it has over a tent is the inclusion of a bathroom and kitchen, so these facilities should be an essential. If you’re converting an old van or have found a cheap camper to do up, you could just invest in a camping cooker, wood panels and make a bed out of pallets to keep the costs down. Or for true luxury look for one that comes with a TV and other such features.

Additional Extras

Outside of the campervan you may want to add an awning, especially if you have a dog that will be coming along. The most modern models include sat-navs, Bluetooth connectivity, leather seats and more, if you want to go all out or upgrade your current campervan to rival those top of the range.

Before you look to buy a campervan, take these few points into consideration to get the best option for you and your family.

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