4 Winter Home Improvements To Make Right Now

Most people get to the Autumn months and hang up their tool belts, but just because the winter has set in, it doesn’t mean that you have to down tools and stop making improvements that are right for your home. You could probably afford to stop working on the outside of the house, given the Baltic temperatures licking the side of the house and garden. Frozen roses are never easy to deal with, right?

But, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop working on your home interiors. Not everything has to wait for the Spring, and if you want to make some updates and changes, then you shouldn’t wait for March to get started. There are plenty of jobs that you can do around the house right now, and if it’s going to make you feel good to shrug off the cobwebs post-Christmas celebrations, then doing it now can be great for your health as well as your itchy fingers to get stuff done! Check out four winter home improvements that you can do right now:

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Max Out Your Kitchen Storage.

You can turn your kitchen wall into a functional storage space simply by using pegboard. It’s easy to install, quick to do and it gets things off of your counter tops in the kitchen, too. You can hang pots, pans, cutting boards and utensils on it, and if you want to add a little more, hang the mugs right along with it. Pegboard comes in a lot of colours, so you can colour match your kitchen if you want it to blend it. It’s also a good talking point among guests.

Fix The HVAC

There’s nothing worse in the winter than being without your heating, and while you may not be able to do heater repair by yourself, you can always call in the professionals to give you a hand and help you to get it fixed before the real chill sets in. You need to feel comfortable throughout the winter, so focusing on the elements of your home that are going to give you warmth in the times it’s too cold to manage is important.

Change Your Taps. You’ve probably never thought about changing the taps over in your kitchen and bathrooms, but now is the time to do it. You can change out the taps and upgrade your fixtures and it can dramatically change the entire look of your room. Just make sure that you are smart and turn the water off at the valve, otherwise you’re going to get a faceful of water!

Swap Your Hardware. Along the same lines, look at the handles and knobs of the doors of your kitchen: how old are they? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade right now? You need to consider how long you’ve had the same kitchen style and get it all upgraded in one go with the taps; one big job is done at once.

Your home can be massively improved with these four little jobs – why wait to do them?

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