4 Essentials For Stress-Free Home Improvement Project

As wonderful as home improvement can be, transforming part of your home will always be challenging. As much as you may look forward to, and feel excited by, the finished result, there’s still a huge amount of work that has to be done before you will reach that point – so naturally, you want the process to be as smooth as possible from start to finish.

If you’re due to start a home improvement project in the near future, then the following ideas may help you to achieve a smooth progression from starting point to finished result in the shortest possible time frame.

#1 – Remove everything from the area you will be working in

Simply put, the less clutter you have in the area or room being improved, the better. By moving all of the area’s usual items into a self storage facility, you’ll essentially have a fresh canvas, free of the need to worry about protecting beloved belongings, stepping over boxes, or moving furniture around to access different areas. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on the improvement work itself for the duration of the project, which helps to allow for a faster, more efficient process.

#2 – Limit your tools and supplies

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Try to establish a rule regarding the tools and supplies you have in the project area at any one point; essentially, if a tool isn’t going to be used that day, then it shouldn’t be in the space. For example, if the task for the day is to paint the ceiling, you don’t need anything but painting-related materials in the room; anything else is just a hazard that you’ll have to constantly move around, potentially interrupting your work flow as you do so. By ensuring you only have what you need, immediately, to hand, you’re all the more likely to be able to make quick, efficient progress.

#3 – Clear rubbish every 30 minutes

Home improvement projects tend to create a vast about of rubbish; plastic covers from paintbrushes, used masking tape, off-cuts, and similar items quickly accumulate. This rubbish is problematic for two reasons: first and foremost, it inhibits your ability to move through the space, and secondly, it leaves you with a huge clean-up job when the main task for the day is complete. To avoid this issue, set a continual 30-minute timer and every time it sounds, remove all rubbish from the room entirely.

#4 – Do nothing until you have everything

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Arguably the biggest issue people encounter when improving an area of their home is starting a project and realising, when the work has already begun, that there’s a required element missing. To avoid this, make a list of all the stages from of the task from start to finish including every tool, material, or decorative item you will need to complete the job. In order to prevent delays when work is underway, don’t start anything until you have every item on the list ready to be used when needed.

In conclusion

If you give the above ideas a try, you should find that your new home improvement project runs perfectly to schedule – leaving you with time to admire your hard work and enjoy your reinvigorated space.

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