$30 Gift Guide for Him

I have an awesome post for you today – the Ultimate Gift Guide for Him! And not only do I have that, but I joined with 8 other bloggers to give you 8 more Ultimate Gift Guides.  You are welcome.  Gift shopping is done. 😉

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

One of the hardest things for me to to find the perfect gift for the men in my life.  My mom is easy, if she doesn’t want something in particular, I can find her some beautiful and special glassware.  My sister is easy to find gifts for.  There is always a fun purse, bag, or shirt I can buy for her. My dad, my husband, and my grandfather are the hardest to buy for, so I wanted to scour the web for the best gifts to meet the needs of all the men in your life, regardless of personality.  I won’t lie, I basically want most of these items as well, so they might also work for many of the women in your life.

Gift Guide for Him

The BBQ-er

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

Leather Grill Gloves

I just love these leather grill gloves.  The are comfortable, a beautiful brown leather, and will keep the bbq-er in your life safe from burns.  You can pair the grill gloves with some personalized bbq tools and then you have a perfect gift set.

The Groomer

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him


Sandalwood Shaving Cream

With the popularity of beards and facial hair for men this gift guide wouldn’t be complete without something for the groomer in your life.  This shaving cream makes shaving easier and gives a warm earth scent of sandalwood.  Now that is manly and rustic.

The Wine Drinker

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

Wine Flask

How gorgeous is this rustic wine bag?  I am a huge lover of California wines so this gift idea is one of my favorites.  The man in your life can pour their favorite wine into this flask and take it to go. Its a perfect gift for the wine drinker in your life.

The Diner Maker

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for HimRice Cube


Do you have a man in your life that is the go to cook?  This gift is for him. Using the modern design he can create individualized cubed sushi.  This will have all his friends asking for in invite to come over and eat this modern works for food art.

The Gardener

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him
Grow Pot

Do you need a gift for a green thumbed man in your life?  This pot is perfect for him.  It’s made with a special material that helps plants breathe and get the right amount of water.  Its perfect for herbs, flowers, or tomatoes.  We bought some of these a couple years ago and even with our black thumbs we were able to grow some beautiful mint plants.

The Survivor

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him
Survivor Knife with Fire Starter

This gift idea is for the man who is most at home in the wilderness.  This awsome survivor knife comes with a built in fire starter allowing any survivor to feel rugged and prepared.

The Traveler

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

Airlines Route Map Passport Holder

Every great traveler needs a the perfect holder for their passport.  This passport holder shows a beautiful red map of the airline routes and will inspire even the most experienced traveler.

The Game PlayerUltimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

Cards Against Humanity

If you have a guy in your life that has a great sense of humor and loves to play games, Cards Against Humanity is perfect for him.  We play this game every month at game night and it is a total hit.  Not appropriate for children, being played with your parents, or sensitive grandparents.

The Shower Singer

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him



Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Got a man that sings in the shower?  I have a solution!  This water resistant Bluetooth shower speaker has great volume and can hopefully drown out the shower singers voice.  If not, at least he will really like his gift, right?

The Hydrator

Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up for Him

Flavour 2 Go Water Bottle

This water bottle is perfect for the guy who likes to make sure he is hydrated.  Wether its in a power buiness meeting or at the end of a trip to the gym this water bottle is perfect.  It has a chamber that allows your guy to flavor his water without fighting with the lemon wedges.


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