Thanksgiving Cracker Tutorial

One of my favorite crafts to do when I was a young was to make holiday crackers. I made them for the 4th of July, New Years, Christmas – really for every holiday I could think of.  The best part was to stuff the crackers full of glitter and pour the glitter on my sister and cousin.  This Thanksgiving, I decided to make some holiday crackers stuffed with traditional treats that are fun for all ages, and to share the tutorial with you.

 Thanksgiving Cracker Featured

First off, get all your materials together.

                • wrapping paper pieces
                • toilet paper rolls
                • ribbon
                • tape
                • decorations for your cracker
                • “snaps”
                • treats

In traditional British Christmas crackers each one has a “snap” which creates a bang sound when the two sides of the cracker are pulled apart.  These are definitely an improvement on the crackers I used to make as a kid, and the snap makes them a lot more exciting as well.  I had mine shipped over from England, but you can also find them at Old English Crackers.

When I first started making crackers, I would just put my snap inside the tube but always had problems getting the snap to go off correctly.  Here is my super helpful tip: glue each end of the snap to the inside of your wrapping paper.  Remember don’t glue the middle because the snap won’t go off, just the two ends.  The snap is activated by the two ends separating from the middle.

Glue the ends of the snap

After you have glued your snap onto your paper you can now start to roll up your cracker.  I always like to start with the side without the snap and tape it to my TP roll.

tape wrapping paper to roll

Roll the paper all around the roll and secure it with another piece of tape.  (how fun is that washi tape?)

Tape the roll at the end

Now you have the body of the cracker!

Next tie one end of your cracker so that all the stuff won’t fall out when you fill it.  I like to twist and pinch it closed before I tie it so that I don’t risk ripping the paper.

Tie cracker on one side

Woohoo!  Now you can fill it with small toys, candy, and jokes/fortunes.  In next week’s post I will share my top 5 hipster gifts to fill your crackers with.

Once it is all filled with stuff you can tie the other end of the cracker shut.  Aren’t they cute?

all tied up

Ok – now it is time to decorate them.  I wanted to use my Thanksgiving crackers as place cards so I added a place to put names.  First, I wrapped the crackers in red burlap and added my label with fun pumpkin decoration.

cracker decorated

Lets talk about the pumpkins for a second.  How stinking cute is that pumkpin?  I found them at Stamp Delights.  The owner and her friend made them all by hand!  I am totally obsessed with them.  I am really hoping that they create some great ones for Christmas *hint hint*.  :)  

popped cropped

(Yep, I spy even more goodies from Stamp Delights)

Now all you have to do is find a friend, each grab a end, and pull!  Aren’t they just amazing?!

Would you like to have 10 of your very own, just waiting for you to fill them with some super fun goodies?  Well you are in luck!  On Wednesday, I will be joining with 3 other shops to host a Thanksgiving Giveaway!!  Make sure you get email updates from bumblebreeblog so that you know when the giveaway is posted on Wednesday!

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  1. Where do you get the snaps? Thanks!

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